The Artisans you need to get the job DONE.

Averotech is a software studio: We deliver premium one-stop-shop design & development services such as: mobile & web apps, high-end websites, e-commerce stores and more..

What do we offer?

Mobile App Development

Let's face it, the world has changed: We all spend hours daily on our mobile phones!

We will build your stunning iOS (Apple) & Android (Google) app with the mobile environment in mind to deliver the most delightful experience to your customers & audiences.

Website & E-commerce Stores

You'll get a tailored, pixel-perfect designed website or e-commerce stores which meets your needs and differentiates your business from the crowd. End of story 😃

Prototyping & Brainstorming

People call it prototype, we call it collective intelligence! This is an exciting process of meetings series where we brainstorm, solve problems and invent solutions in order to design how your product (website/app etc..) will work before writing any single line of code!


We deliver Front-end Development architecture and development of web applications using technologies (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Libraries such as VueJS, AngularJS and React).

Our Back-End developers design the structure behind every project, Complex systems have all kinds of logic that happen in the background that make them work using technologies such as (Laravel MVC Framework, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, NodeJS and Redis)

Special services & apps