CWP Newsletter, May 2011

DEXIA BANK under pressure to sell Israeli subsidiary

CWP’s Inna Michaeli participated in a shareholders meeting of DEXIA, the Belgian-French BANK, in Brussels in which the president announced that they intend to sell its Israeli subsidiary within a month in response to shareholders concerns.

Who Profits documented how seventeen new loans worth a total of $6.5 million were given by Dexia Israel to councils in the settlements in the second half of 2008 and during 2009.

“Selling Dexia Israel is not the end of the story,” Michaeli told the reporter and writer David Cronin. “By selling it, Dexia will be making an additional profit. The question is how Dexia takes responsibility for what it has already done and what it continues to do.”

CWP to New Israel Fund: 'our most important asset is solidarity and commitment to shared values of freedom of expression and association'. Following a new report by NGO monitor attacking the NIF for funding CWP, NIF informed CWP of a decision, effective immediately, to no longer act as its fiscal sponsor for donor-advised donations.

Will the right-wing attempt to undermine the anti-occupation struggle by threatening our financial survival succeed? That is up to each and every one of us to determine. Please support the Coalition of Women for Peace – your solidarity is needed now more than ever. Read more >

Who Profits in the News

The successful campaign to pull out DEUTSCHE BAHN, the German National Railways, from an Israeli construction project in the West Bank caught media attention.

National Railways (Deutsche Bahn) announced in March this year that it will no longer participate in the construction of a high-speed Israeli train line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as the route passes through occupied Palestinian territory yet is intended for the exclusive use of Israeli citizens. Merav Amir, Coordinator of Who Profits congratulated the German Government, noting that usually “there is a discrepancy between what EU government's say and what actually happens. Governments issue statements about the illegality of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, but what the EU commercial sector actually does is to violate those very declarations, encouraging Israeli control over occupied territory.”

See link to Who Profits report Crossing the Line: The Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Fast Train, A new Israeli train line through occupied West Bank areas

AP and Financial Times covered the story and subsequently all major Israeli news outlets, such as Ynet News.

IN THE NETHERLANDS the right wing party of Geert Wilders (PVV) demanded in response to DB pull out that the Dutch government support the railway project triggering public outrage.

IN ITALY, the campaign launched against the Italian company participating in the Railway project, Pizzarotti, was covered by Corriere della Sera.

Nakba Balloons in Tel Aviv

Disobedience to the Nakba Law

On Nakbah Day, May 10, 2010, CWP activists released 500 Nakbah black balloons in Rabin Square Tel Aviv, calling upon Israeli MPs that voted for the new law, penalizing public commemorations of the Nakbah, to catch the offending balloons.

CWP and Arus Al-Baher association (Jaffa the bride of the sea) organized a joint tour “Lifta in the memory of women” in the destroyed remains of the Palestinian village. The Israeli Land Administration Authority has put Lifta ruins lucratively located at the entrance to Jerusalem on sale for private developers.

Land Day March

CWP took part in the March organized in Jaffa to commemorate the 35th Land Day. In the past, Land Day commemorated specific events of land confiscation, however, over the years the state’s methods have evolved to the degree that land confiscation and house demolition is an everyday reality.

Approximately 650 evacuation and demolition suites are being held against citizens of Jaffa. The majority are Palestinian. City residents are demanding an end to the discrimination and theft, and a quick solution to the lack of housing. Read more

Gate 48 event

Women and the Struggle for Democracy in Israel

GATE 48, Platform for Critical Israelis in the Netherlands invited CWP to present the report All Out War: Israel Against Democracy at a public event in Amsterdam.

Eilat Maoz, General Coordinator: “We support international solidarity movements making clear that our criticism of the Israeli government is loudly heard and cannot be simply tagged as anti-Semitism, and we need the international movement to support us  […]. An ANC former anti-apartheid activist told me that they used to say first they laughed at us, then they fought us, then we won… it seems that we have reached the second stage in this process.”

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