The right to shelter -Gender aspects

The right to shelter- our new position paper

Following 2011 demonstrations and the social justice protest, the public's

awareness was raised regarding the housing crisis and the urgency of this problem for excluded communities in the socioeconomic  periphery. Most of the public in Israel, however, is unaware - and seemingly does not want to be aware - of the gravity and characteristics  of this issue, nor are the partners in all the different struggles always aware of the differences between the sources of this crisis and the ways in which different classes live through it.   Our purpose in this position paper is to emphasize the unique aspects  of the housing issue, in the context of the wider struggles for justice and equality: the Mizrahi struggle, the Palestinian struggle and the feminist  struggle.  Hence, we shall especially seek to address the ways in which gender forms a decisive component in the various aspects of this issue. By doing so, we would like to emphasize that the struggle for housing is a struggle for a more basic, existential security. This emphasis is important for us, as we believe that in the majority of the statements and publications related with the housing issue, gender aspects are only infrequently addressed specifically and the unique ways in which the absence of housing prejudices women are not satisfactorily examined