Sit-in in front of Ramleh prison in support of prisoners on hunger strike

• The prisoners on strike since over two months are in grave conditions.

Youth groups and activists from various regions are holding a sit-in rally on Thursday, 3.5. 2012 at 17:30, in front of the Ramleh Prison, where a number of hunger-striking prisoners, on strike since between one and two months, are lying in the prison’s hospital ward, headed by the prisoners Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, who have entered a life-threatening stage of their 65-day hunger strike.

According to information supplied by “Addameer”, the Prisoners’ Support and Human Rights Association, about two thousand prisoners joined the open-ended hunger strike in the past thirteen days, namely since the last Prisoners’ Day on April 17th. The demands of the prisoners include ending the policy of solitary confinement, ending the cases of administrative detentions, giving back the rights for academic and secondary education, allowing the parents of Gazan prisoners to visit their children and improving the living conditions and medical treatments received, among others.

As to the eight prisoners who had started the hunger strike before April 17th, most of them are lying in the Ramleh prison’s hospital ward. In addition to Diab and Halahleh, these are Hasan As-Safadi - on hunger strike since 57 days; Omar Abu Shalal - on hunger strike since 58 days; Mahmoud Sursoq - since 32 days; Jafar E’zz Ed-Deen - since 43 days; Mohammed Rafiq Et-taj-  since 47 days and Abdullah Barghouti- since 22 days.

The organizers call upon all Palestinians and supporters of the Palestinian cause and the great prisoners’ strike to join the sit-in, to show support for the prisoners and raise their morale in the ongoing hunger strike.