We Will Still Resist

A new bill promoted in the Israeli Knesset attempts to silence protest against the occupation.

The bill known as “The Boycott Law”  has been met with harsh public criticism because it imposes severe penalties on people who call consumer boycott of settlement products or companies that profit from the occupation. It forbids expressions of protest, such as the actors’ refusal to perform at Ariel, or professors who state that they will not cooperate with colleges in the settlements.



Artists, intellectuals and many cultural figures have already joined our campaign, among them the renowned poet Meir Wieseltier, singer Rona Kenan, actor Yossi Pollak, director and playwright Anat Gov, playwrighters Yehoshua Sobol and Oded Kotler, author Nili Landsman, actors Einat Weizman, Gal Uchovsky director Eitan Fox, former MP Zehava Gal-On, actor Romi Aboulafia, photographer Alex Levac and many more.

Fifty-three Israeli civil society organizations signed a powerful statement against the bill, and criticism was voiced also by government offices: professional ranks at the Ministry of Justice and Foreign Ministry have expressed opposition to the law which they described as a mortal blow to freedom of expression.


Right-wing members of Knesset know that they cannot win in the public arena, by waging democratic debate. Thus they try to silence opposition by imposing draconian laws. We are here to tell them: Distinguished Knesset members, you really do not frighten us. We will continue to think, act, sign, protest and call others to do like us. We will continue to resist occupation.