Who Profits from the Occupation

Who Profits from the Occupation”

Who Profits was founded in 2007 as a research project of the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) , in order to investigate economic involvement in the occupation. By exposing companies and corporations that profit from the occupation, we hope to promote a change in public opinions and corporate policies, leading to an end to the occupation.

Alongside various political, religious and national interests, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights is also fueled by corporate interests. Israeli companies and multinational corporations lead real estate deals, develop the Israeli infrastructure and settlements in the Palestinian Occupied Territories and the Golan Heights, contribute to the construction and operation of an ethnic separation system, including checkpoints, walls and roads, and design and supply equipment and tools used for the control and repression of the Palestinian civilian population.

The project’s character was shaped through the consistent and devoted work of many activists in CWP and the cutting-edge feminist agenda of this organization, which constituted an empowering habitat.

After more than six years, in which Who Profits became a very well established and professional research center, Who Profits registered as a separate association.

CWP and Who Profits work and collaborates as sister organizations.

Currently, Who Profits focuses on three main areas of corporate involvement in the occupation: The Settlement Industry, Economic Exploitation and Control of Population. The information published on the Who Profits website has been collected by Who Profits members. The published database reflects parts of our ongoing investigation and work in progress. The research is based on resources such as public documents, the companies’ own publications, and site visits. This information is not secret: Even if some firms try to obscure or downplay their involvement in these controversial projects, at most times the information is readily available, at least to the Hebrew-speaking public.

As Israeli activists, we feel obligated to use our privileged access to information and locations in order to expose corporations that profit from the occupation and to demand corporate accountability.

We hope that this information will stimulate a candid public debate about the costs and benefits of the occupation to different parts of the Israeli society, about international and local economic interests that play a role in the occupation, and about how these interests influence political decision-making.


Who Profits research center also serve as an information center for queries about corporate involvement in the occupation, for individuals and groups working for corporate accountability, social justice and labor rights.
The Research centers website: http://www.whoprofits.org

Coalition of Women for Peace is still committed to promoting activities, as well as mainstreaming the discourse regarding the economic interests of the occupation.