Women's organizations point an accusing finger towards JNF Executive: uproot people to plant trees

Residents of Al - Arakib, people of the Negev, feminist activists, Israeli and Palestinian leftist organizations, political parties members of the Knesset (Haneen Zoubi, Jamal Zahalka, Dov Khenin) – joined a protest outside the offices of the Jewish National Fund, to protest the destruction of Al-Arakib and planting a forest in the village by the JNF. Yesterday, large police forces destroyed the village of Al- Arakib for the 11th time, using violence, including the use of sponge bullets, beatings and arrests. At the same time, the JNF began the work of planting "Forest of Ambassadors" on the village land. The struggle reached its climax: the continued work of planting shall mean immediate deportation for residents of Arakib. The demolitions in Al-Arakib are part of the plan of the Government of Israel to "Jewdise" the Negev and the JNF has a central role in the implementation. The village was destroyed again and again and became a symbol of resistance of the entire Arab company policies and racist oppression of the Israeli government. Demonstration organizers have announced that the struggle will continue until residents of Al- Arakib could return to live safely on their land. Mahasen Rabus from the Coalition of Women for Peace said: "After the expulsion of 48 residents of Al-Arakib were pushed into 1000 acres out of more than 100,000 acres that belonged to them. This land could be the last survival of the residents of Al - Arakib on their land. Now have nowhere to go - So this is actually the expulsion, transfer of Arab citizens in Israel, even if the government does not state this explicitly. "