Well, they’re wrong.

Monday, February 12th, 2018


On January 7th we received the news of another one in a long chain of anti-democratic steps by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, it is to prevent activists from 20 organizations that support the Palestinian struggle from entering Israel.

Restriction of movement is nothing new to the Palestinians that have been suffering from it for years. The siege on Gaza, the checkpoints in the West bank and preventing refugees from entering have become the norm.

These steps that are being taken, whether in the form of the boycott law, the prevention of entering the country or threatening and arresting activists have one goal, and that is to silence and oppress the resistance.

The Ministry of Strategic Affairs knows very well that the reality of the Occupation is oppressive and criminal to the level that it’s inevitable to act against it. They think that if they prevent activists from entering the country and seeing the reality of the Occupation they will stop them from their actions against the Occupation.

Well, they’re wrong.

We call on our friends around the world not to let the measures of the Israeli government silence them and to continue their support for the Palestinian struggle.

We will continue our struggle against the Occupation. We will continue to reveal the unjust reality of the Occupation, the reality of land grabs, violence and oppression. We will continue to show the local and international crowds the oppression and violations of human rights. We will continue our fight to bring a just ending to the Occupation.