Sexual harassment in SCO and activism

Sexual harrasment position paper- PDF file

" .We may not break up on the outside, but we do crack on the inside... we partake in this same silence. By being silent." (Adv. Orna Kohn) Unfortunately, sexual harassment forms a part of the reality of many women around the world. In Israel, Jewish and Palestinian , , women, straight women and lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, immigrants and refugees, all suffer sexual violence in the different aspects of life. The worldwide statistics point out that every third woman in the world goes through rape, that every fifth woman suffers from sexual assault within the family and that every seventh man in the world goes through sexual harassment or assault. In Israel, every fifth woman goes through rape and every seventh woman suffers from sexual assault within her family Sexual violence and sexual harassment occur on the street, at the workplace, at home, in the post office and in the bank, but they also occur in social change organizations, political activism groups, in demonstrations and in detention centers

This position paper tackles the tension between the existing state of things and the desired state, regarding the application of values and actions for the prevention of sexual harassment in civil society organizations and activist groups, in particular.