Demanding hope, advancing for peace - demonstrations in Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv

Now is the time. We must take to the streets and stop the next war now before it's too late.

We refuse to tread down the path that will lead us to more deaths, fear, and hatred. Each and every one of us knows that there is another way - and it is the only one that guarantees a life of security for Israelis and Palestinians.

This evening at 8:00 PM we will demonstrate in Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv to demand change: instead of another war of bloodshed, instead of living in fear - we demand to lift the siege Gaza, end to the occupation, and for a joint struggle for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Join us!

Haifa: UNESCO Square in the German Colony, at the foot of Ba’hai Gardens.

Jerusalem: Paris Square

Tel Aviv: Rothschild Boulevard on the corner of Allenby

Demonstrations orgnisers:

עומדים ביחד نقف معًا

Coalition of Women for Peace

שוברים שתיקה

גוש שלום

לוחמים לשלום

פורום המשפחות השכולות Parents Circle Families Forum منتدى العائلات الثكلى

All That's Left: Anti-Occupation Collective

Other Voice קול אחר صوت آخر

Free Jerusalem

זזים - קהילה פועלת ززيم- حراك شعبيّ