Stop Israeli Arms Export

This week, the ISDEF - Israel Defense Exhibition will take place at ExPo Tel Aviv, with hundreds of Israeli and international weapon and cyber arms companies, arms dealers from all over the world, and official delegations of countries buying arms from Israel.

ISDEF is the largest exhibition of the defense industry in Israel in which weapons can be found in the form of rifles, drones, armored vehicles, combat equipment, combat training, surveillance technology and spyware sold to armies, police forces and regimes all over the world. All in order to make air strikes, assassinations, suppression of demonstrators and spying on activists and regime resistors more convenient and effective for the countries that purchase those weapons, and of course more profitable for the security companies that sell them.

The organizers of the exhibition pride themselves on providing "a perfect platform for Israeli reputation in the world" and showing “Israel's achievements and strength" in order to reinforce the status of the Israeli defense companies in the global arms trade.
The State of Israel ranks 8th in the world (!) in arms exports. Apart from the lack of supervision that allows Israeli companies to sell arms to countries accused of crimes against humanity and human rights violations, defense exports from Israel— itself a country that violates human rights— became popular in the world thanks to the occupation. Israeli companies market their weapons as “battle-proven“ after being used in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip at the expense of the security and lives of Palestinians.

We will arrive at the opening event of the exhibition, to demonstrate against the Israeli military industries that continue to profit from the occupation, against the delegations that come to purchase weapons from Israel, against the weapons companies that make money from wars and against the global arms trade. Join Us!

Tuesday, 8:30, at the entrance to the ExPo Tel Aviv.