A two-day conference dealing with nonviolent struggles


The Coalition of Women for Peace cordially invites you to

A two-day conference of lectures, discussions, workshops and movies dealing with nonviolent struggles Link to the website Facebook
Sunday, 14.12.2014
16.00-16.30: Reception, Coffee and Cake
16.30-16.40: Welcome and Introduction, Coalition of Women for Peace
16.40-17.40: Are you listening now? Resistance and Public Attention (Panel)
Facilitator: Hedva Isachar 
Speakers: Nadim Omar, Najwan Berekdar, Mahmoud 
Zwahre (pre-taped),Abeer Baker

(Rae Abileah (USA.

17.45 -18.45 Key Note
Jamila Raqib, Executive Director of the Albert Einstein Institution, USA

18.45-19.45: Dinner 

19.45- 20.45: Loyalties and Solidarity (Short Lectures) 
Facilitator: Sahar Shehade 
Speakers: Adnan Hasanbegovic (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Azzeez Al-Turi, Aya Shoshan, Sapir Sluzker-Amran

20.45-21.00: Break

21.00-22.30: Workshops (early registration required!) 

I.) Hope Chigudu (Zimbabwe): What's the Point of the Revolution if We can't Dance? 

II.) Dalit Baum (USA): Multinationals, Money and Us: Nonviolence and Economic Activism

21.00-22.30: Documentations, Resistance, Movies and Memories (Mini Movie Marathon and Debate) 
Facilitator: Osnat Trabelsi

Issa Amro, Ahmad Amro, Aya Zamir, Adnan Hasanbegovic (Bosnia and Hercegovina) 

Monday, 15.12.2014:

16.00-16.30: Registration, Coffee and Cake
16.30-16.45: Welcome and Introduction, Coalition of Women for Peace
16.45-18.30: Is a Nonviolent Struggle necessarily a Feminist Struggle? (Short Lectures and Q&A)
Facilitator: Makbula Nassar 
Speakers: Dalit Baum (USA),Rfaa Anabtawe, Nabila Espanioly, Hope Chigudu (Zimbabwe)

18.30-19.30: Dinner 19:30-21:45
 Media - a Tool for Change or an Obstacle to Protests Panel and Discussion
Facilitator: Orly Noy

Speakers: Shireen Younis, Prof. Amit Schejter,Yaser Elaoqbe, Elinor Davidov, Liat Schlesinger

21.45-22.00 closing Words, Coaliiton of women for peace

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