Organizations and international institutions are warning that Gaza is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis. Already now, Gaza is facing a water crisis, extreme pollution, electricity shortage as well as economic distress. All these hardships turn life into a daily struggle for survival for Gaza’s residents, both women and men. This situation is the cumulative outcome of a decade-long siege on Gaza, in addition to the frequent military offensives on the strip every few years, and the attempts at reconstruction in-between these rounds.

Amidst all this, women in Gaza are dealing with specific difficulties and challenges. But as already the situation in Gaza is rarely brought up, the situation of women is even less present in public debates. Precisely because of that, we ought to be all ears and listen to the calls coming from Gaza, to learn and to become active.


We will be shedding light on these issues in our conference “WOMEN BEYOND THE SIEGE”.

Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 6 pm to 8 pm at the Arab-Hebrew Theatre ‘Al Saraya’, Mifratz Shlomo Promenade 10, Jaffa.

We will also be launching a campaign relating to the conference, raising awareness for the situation of women in Gaza. We would appreciate you taking part.