CWP responds to NIF

CWP to New Israel Fund: 'our most important asset is the solidarity and commitment to shared values of freedom of expression and association'

On May 16, 2011, the New Israel Fund (NIF) informed the Coalition of Women for Peace that it would no longer act as its fiscal sponsor for donor-advised donations. While CWP is not a direct grantee of NIF, individuals from the US, Europe and Australia could decide to allocate their contribution to CWP via NIF. Until now.

This decision comes after NIF has come under attack from extremist right-wing groups and Knesset members. This attack specifically focuses on targeting sources of funding of peace and human rights NGOs.  We regret that NIF yielded to this pressure by dissociating from CWP due to our work to end the occupation and our clear stand for accountability and adherence to international law and human rights.

Read our full response to the NIF

Facing a climate of political persecution of peace and human rights defenders, it is our strong belief that our most important asset is the solidarity among activists and civil society organizations and our commitment to shared values of freedom of expression and association. We find that the decision of NIF is a dangerous precedent undermining solidarity and commitment to democratic values.

Will the right-wing attempt to undermine the anti-occupation struggle by threatening the financial survival of organizations succeed? That is up to each and every one of us to determine.

Please support the Coalition of Women for Peace today – your solidarity is needed now more than ever:

- Write a check to "Coalition of Women for Peace" and mail it to P.O.Box 29214 Tel Aviv-Jaffa 61292, Israel

- Make a wire-transfer directly to our bank account: Israeli Discount Bank, Hamoshava Branch #062, 21 Emek Refaim St., Jerusalem, Israel. Account number: 967017-512400, Swift Code: IDBLILIT XXX, Account name "Coalition of Women for Peace"

Thank you!